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I'm Railway Bob and this is my personal project on the history of  some of the most fascinating railway lines in Eastern Canada. I've  had fun  discovering their history, and I'd like to share it with you.  Pictures!! Maps!! Text!! And lots of unanswered mysteries!!

Brockville, Westport & Northwestern 4-4-0 #65 at Westport circa 1904. Originally built in 1883 by Manchester Locomotive Works, builders #1131, as Midland Railway of Canada #41, it became GTR #641 when the Grand Trunk Railway absorbed the Midland in 1882 (A "6" was simply added to the front of the Midland numbers). 
Renumbered GTR #633 when GTR #633 (ex Midland 4-4-0 #33) was retired in October 1884, it was renumbered again as GTR #374 in 1898 with the second GTR re-numbering of its locomotives. 
The Brockville, Westport & Northwestern bought the locomotive in March 1903 for $4,500.  The BW&NW was taken over by the Canadian Northern in 1910 but the railway line still retained its identity until 1913.  BW&NW #65 was to  become CNoR #52.  However, it is unlikely that this number ever was applied to the locomotive.  For the previous two years, the locomotive had been kept in storage and was scrapped in 1913.  Photo courtesy National Archives of Canada PA-203414. 

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