Ag Industries in the Twin Elm - Fallowfield Area of Ottawa
There are a number of "Agricultural Industries" that I pass by each day on my way to work.  This morning, I thought I'd stop and take a few photos of these businesses.  To orient you, here's a map of the area with the industries located with a blue star.  The industries are:
  • Ralph Dale Fertilizers
  • Burnside Sand & Gravel (also includes Mirad Mobile Mix)
  • Kott Lumber, and

  • Momac Grain Elevators

Ralph Dale Fertilizers
A couple of weeks back, Andrew had inquired about "Ralph Dale Fertilizers" - what I call the "Fertilizer Factory".  Established by Ralph Dale, a local farmer, in the late 1960's, Ralph Dale receives covered hopper cars of the basic ingredients of agricultural fertilizers - nitrogen N, potassium K, phosphorus K - and mixes them according to the needs of their clients. 

This is the front of the place looking northeast.  The siding is behind the buildings.  The building on the left is the bulk mix and the building on the right is the bagging plant (which also does bulk mix).

This is the same view but you can see two covered hoppers that are being unloaded

Here's a view from the back looking southwest.  You can see the two covered hoppers on your right plus two more in the centre being unloaded for the bagging plant.  The VIA main line is on the left.

This view is looking almost due west with the grade crossing straight ahead.  You can see one of the covered hoppers peeking out the edge of the white building.  Around the corner on your left is another grade crossing.

Let's take a look at Burnside Sand & Gravel, Mirad Mobile Mix and Kott Lumber.