Burnside Sand & Gravel and Mirad Mobile Mix

Around the corner from Ralph Dale is Burnside Sand & Gravel, Mirad Mobile Mix, and Kott Lumber.  While Kott is the only one with a siding, it would be very easy to put a siding into the area. 

On your left are Charlie Burnside's garages for the trucks and loaders.  Straight ahead is the upper end of Kott's lumber yard.  The two shiny spots on the horizon is Momac Grain Elevators.  At the bottom of the hill is the VIA main line. 

Here's what I call "Charlie's gold mine".  He supplies all of the sand to most of the ready-mix companies in Ottawa.  If you need a bit of sand for the sandbox or to mix up some concrete, here's the place to go.  At the top of the pit is Moodie Drive, although you can't see the operation from the road. 

On your right, you can see the back of Charlie's garage (actually Charlie died a few years back.)  The tower on the left is the Portland cement silo for Mirad Mobile mix. 

This is what the Mirad setup looks like.

Let's go on to Kott Lumber.