Kott Lumber and Momac Grain Elevators

Right next to Burnside's is Kott Lumber.  Kott has the largest lumber yard in the area and supplies a large percentage of the lumber for the new houses.  While there is a siding into Kott, (there was an empty bulkhead flat there this morning) most of the lumber comes in by transport.  This view is looking northwest.  Behind the line of trees is the VIA main line.  The empty gravel space in front has been newly built and will soon be filled up with lumber.  The siding comes in behind the green building with the white roof.  On your right out of sight is the main entrance to the lumber yard. 

This is the entrance to the lumber yard.  The siding is behind the buildings in front of the line of trees. 

Here's a view of the backside of Kott Lumber behind that row of trees.  Actually, it's a view of the VIA main line and the bridge across the Jock River.  Oops the camera jiggled a bit.  What looks like a brown blob at the right end of the bridge is a bulkhead flatcar.  No, it's not on the main line.  It's on the siding into Kott.  The siding starts about 500 feet beyond the bridge and swings down and alongside the back of the buildings.

Here's a shot looking straight down the VIA main line.  You can still see a bit of the "brown-blobbed" flatcar on the left.  The VIA main line curves to your left and goes on to Ralph Dale Fertilizers. 

Up the hill and around the corner is a neat little ag industry called Momac Grain Elevators.  The Mowats store corn and soy beans and ship it by truck to Canada Starch in Cardinal and the soybean crushing plant in Winchester.  While it doesn't have any rail connection, it would make for a nice little industry on a module.  This view is taken about 1,000 feet from the photo above. 

While everything is calm and quiet now, the place will be hopping in the fall with farmers waiting to unload their trucks and grain wagons.  This view is looking southwest.  If you travel in a straight line, you'll almost fly across Ralph Dale Fertilizers. 

Wouldn't a siding look kind of neat in front of all this?  If you have young kids or grandchildren, there's a petting zoo that's located out of sight on the right.  It's quite a popular place. 

I hope you enjoyed this little trip with me this fine bright morning.  If it inspires you to build an "ag industries" module or two, or gives you some ideas on how you could spruce up your current modules, and you need some more photos, let me know. 
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