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Locomotives of the Brockville & Westport(Cont'd)
After 1913, the CNoR began to integrate the locomotives of its constituent lines into one system-wide "look".  This look consisted of standardizing the application of names and numbers to the tender and locomotive.  The first phase of this standardization was the round Canadian Northern herald applied to some, but not all, locomotives.

BW&NW #67 (which was renumbered CNoR #54) was one of the locomotives to receive the CNoR round herald.  It was placed to the left of the cab window and the locomotive number was painted in larger numerals below the window.  The locomotive classification number was applied below the locomotive number.  The round locomotive number plate has been replaced by a rectangular number plate that became typical for Canadian Northern/ Canadian National Steam locomotives.  CNoR #54 is on the wye at the CPR loopline at the Church St station in Brockville.  We don't know the date of the photo.  Photo courtesy Brockville Museum. 

Sometime between 1914 and 1918, the Canadian Northern changed the look of its locomotives as the system came under control of the Government of Canada.  This "newer" look saw the disappearance of the Canadian Northern herald to a simple lettering on the tender.  CNoR #54 has lost all traces of its BW&NW #67 look.  The heralds have disappeared from the locomotive cab and the tender carries "Canadian Northern " in plain lettering.  The antlers have disappeared from the headlamp. 
We believe the photo has been taken some time prior to 1919.   Photo courtesy National Archives of Canada, Andrew Merrilees Collection PA-207543.  In 1922, CNoR #54, ex BW&NW #67, will be numbered as Canadian National #124.  It will survive until August of 1931 when it will be scrapped