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The Brockville Trestle

But how could the B&W get across the GTR main line and up to Lyn?  The GTR refused to allow the B&W permission to cross their main line at grade.  The B&W had no choice but to climb from the CPR loop line and cross the GTR main line on a trestle that was 30 feet high!  The picture below gives you an idea of the enormity of this engineering work.

The photo was taken looking west sometime in the 1890's  The south (left) side of the trestle goes to the B&W Church St station.  The 35 foot steel span between the two masonry piers crosses over the west end of the GTR Manitoba yard.  The fill on the north (right) side comes from the rock cut.  However, the photo above doesn't give you a real appreciation of the challenge facing the B&W. 

The above photo was taken from the steel span facing south back towards Brockville around 1905.  Photo courtesy B. Craig, Brockille, Ont.  The trestle is about 700 feet long with an average height of 21 feet.  Just around the corner to the left is another wooden trestle that is about 575 feet long with an average height of 18 feet. 

BW&NW 4-4-0 #66 has just left the Church St station in Brockville sometime in 1905 and is almost across this second trestle.  Around the corner is Centre St.  The pool of water on the right almost marks the location of the present-day maintenance building for the Brockville Country Club.  We believe the photo 
Both of these trestles were built in 1889.  By 1897, they had rotted out at the groundline and had to be rebuilt.  When the CNoR was building its Toronto - Ottawa mainline in 1912 - 1913, flatcar loads of steel rails were being hauled across these trestles to Forfar -  a distance of about 30 miles.  Because of all of this extra traffic, both of the trestles had to be filled in around 1915.  When Canadian National took control of the GTR in 1920, the steel span and masonry piers were dismantled and the line from Centre St to Lyn Junction was abandoned.  The fill wasn't removed until 1975 when the Brockville Country Club expanded their golf course. 

The construction of the trestle over the GTR was an expensive project for the B&W, particularly when the promoters didn't have the money to begin with.  But the B&W's troubles to get out of Brockville to Lyn weren't over yet.