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The Route of the Brockville & Westport

Once the the ballast pit below the village of Lyn was reached, the B&W began an up-and-down climb that went around hills and valleys on its way to Athens, Delta, Newboro, and Westport.  The result was an undulating roller-coaster that zig-zagged around the country-side. This wasn't so much the result of the survey, but rather the topography of the country-side as it skirted the eastern edge of the Frontenac Gap - that granite-hard mountainous part of the Canadian Shield. 
Our map below shows the route of the Brockville, Westport & Sault Ste Marie Railway (in red), circa 1915.  By this time, the BW&SSM has disappeared and re-emerged as the Brockville, Westport & Northwestern and is firmly under the control of the Canadian Northern Railway. 

Map courtesy W. H. Tooker, Brockville, Ont.  Lets take a closer look at the stations along the line.