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Stations Along the Brockville & Westport (Cont'd)

The station at Newboro, circa 1905, was typical of the design for Lyn, Forthton, and Crosby.  Brockville, Westport & Northwestern 4-4-0 #66 has just pulled into the station from Crosby.  Next stop is Westport.  Notice the carriages that have arrived at the station to pick up and deliver passengers, baggage and freight.  From a postacard, courtesy of Mrs. M. Goodell, Westport, Ont.  The Newboro station was located at the end of John Street.  It lasted until August of 1962, when the derelict station burned to the ground.  Today, a line of trees at the edge of Newboro Memorial Park hides the roadbed of the B&W. 

The station at Crosby was a slight variation on the Newboro station in that the eaves didn't overhang to the same extent.  In this 1948 photo, the photographer is looking east towards Forfar Station.  About 100' east of the station is Highway 15 - yet to be built.  The road coming down behind the station is Circle Drive.  Today, the trees, station, and track have all disappeared.  Photo courtesy National Archives of Canada, Andrew Merrilees Collection. 
The Forthton, Lyn, and Athens stations still survive.  The Forthton station is in serious disrepair.  The Lyn station was moved down the road to Lyn Junction and converted into a house. The Athens station was moved down the road in Athens to the Lake Eloida Road.  Today, it is a cozy little house.