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  Canadian Northern Railways (CNoR) in Southern Ontario
As a result of the expansion of the GTR into Western Canada through the Grand Trunk Pacific, Mackenzie and Mann had no choice but to expand east.  When the Canadian Northern expanded into Ontario, there were very few independent lines or systems left to acquire.  Most major lines had been acquired by the Grand Trunk or the Canadian Pacific as feeders into their vast networks in the industrial heartland of Canada. 

When Mackenzie and Mann decided to expand into Ontario, the last system of major significance was the Canada Atlantic Railway owned by the Ottawa lumber baron, J.R. Booth.  In 1903, Booth let it be known that his lines were for sale.  Mackenzie and Mann made no effort to acquire this very profitable system.  The Grand Trunk quickly moved in and took it over.  As a result, the CNoR had to undertake costly construction of major trunk lines with no feeders to support their expenditures.  The CNoR did gain control of some small lines which were used as feeders or supply points in the construction of the CNoR main lines. 
Control of a railway line doesn't necessarily mean that the CNoR owned a majority of shares.  Trying to decipher this complex web of legal ownership can be quite challenging.  For example, Mackenzie and Mann gained control of most of the first mortgage bonds and shares of the Brockville, Westport & Northwestern in June of 1910 through Mackenzie, Mann & Co.  However, they couldn't get clear title to the railway because there were a few mortgage bonds they didn't own. 
As owners of a majority of the bonds, they forced the sale of the BW&NW through a court-ordered judicial sale.  The railway line was purchased by R.P Ormsby, Secretary for the CNoR and a partner in MM&Co.  Ormsby "officially" owned the BW&NW until 1914 when the Government of Canada forced Mackenzie and Mann to officially transfer ownership to the CNoR.  However, control of the line was definitely in the hands of Mackenzie, Mann and the CNoR prior to 1914. 
The Irondale, Bancroft & Ottawa is another example of control without ownership.  A number of years before Mackenzie and Mann gained "control", their solicitor and banker, Z.A. Lash, had been involved in the IB&O through his relationship with Charles J. Pusey, the key promoter of the IB&O.  On Pusey's death, Lash became executor of Pusey's estate and ran the line for a number of years.  We don't know what influence Mackenzie and Mann had in the running of the line before they took "control" of the line in 1909. 
Control of the IB&O was quickly followed by the Central Ontario Railway.  Control of the Brockville, Westport & Northwestern was gained in 1910, although the line was sold under judicial sale to R.P. Ormsby, Secretary for the CNoR, in order to get a clear title to the line. 
That same year, control of the Bay of Quinte Railway was acquired from the Rathbuns of Deseronto.  This was the only line which was incorporated into the CNoR main line.  All other expansion was through the construction of new lines - a very expensive proposition which ultimately led to the bankruptcy of the Canadian Northern.  In 1914, with the Government of Canada obtaining control of the majority of shares in the CNoR, Mackenzie and Mann were required to officially transfer their ownerships into the Canadian Northern. 

Canadian Northern Railway
1908 CNoR Line Opened: Capreol - Toronto
1911 . Toronto - Trenton
1916 . Ottawa - Montreal
1917 . Capreol - Ottawa
1911 CNoR Acquired: Central Ontario Railway (COR)
1911 . Brockville, Westport & Northwestern
1914 . Bay of Quinte Railway
1914 . Carillon & Grenville Railway
1916 CNoR Controlled By: Government of Canada
1918 . Canadian National Railways
1923 Line Abandoned: Toronto - Napanee
1939 . Ottawa - Montreal
Central Ontario Railway
1879 Started As: Prince Edward County Railway (PEC)
1879 PEC Opened: Picton - Trenton
1882 PEC Reorganized as: Central Ontario Railway (COR)
1883 COR Line Opened Trenton - Marmora
1884 . Marmora - Ormsby Jct/Coe Hill Mine
1900 . Ormsby Jct - Bancroft
1907 . Bancroft - Maynooth
1909 . Maynooth - Lake St Peter
1911 . Maynooth - Wallace
1910 COR Leased Irondale, Bancroft & Ottawa (IB&O)
1911 COR Acquired By: Canadian Northern Railway (CNoR)
1916 CNoR Controlled By: Government of Canada
1918 . Canadian National Railways
1918 Line Abandoned: Maynooth - Wallace
1984 . Madoc - Madoc Junction
1984 . Frankford - Maynooth
. . Maynooth - Bancroft
. Bancroft - Ormsby Jct/Coe Hill Mine
. Ormsby Jct/Coe Hill Mine - Trenton
. Picton - Trenton
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Irondale, Bancroft & Ottawa Railway (IB&O)
05 Mar 1880 Incorporated As: Snowdon Branch Railway Ontario Chapter 85 with authority to build from Kinmount to the Snowdon Iron Mines at Furnace Falls
1879 Incorporated As: Toronto & Nipissing Eastern Extension Railway (Henry S. Howland President, Charles J. Pusey Vice President)
1884 Name Changed to Irondale, Bancroft & Ottawa (IB&O)
1886 Route Surveyed Kinmount Jct (originally called Kendricks, then Myles Jct, renamed Howland Jct in 1919)( on the Victoria Railway) to York River (North of Bancroft)
Feb 1887 Line Opened: Kinmount Jct - Irondale
1894 Irondale - Wilberforce
Spring 1898 Wilberforce - Baptiste
Fall 1898 Baptiste - Mud Creek
1899 Control Assumed By: Z.A. Lash, Executor of Estate of Charles J. Pusey.  Lash was General Manager of Canadian Bank of Commerce and Solicitor for CNoR.
16 Oct 1909 IB&O Controlled By: Mackenzie, Mann & Co (CNoR)
01 July 1910 Line Opened: Mud Creek - York River (North of Bancroft) to connect with the COR
12 Sept 1910 First Through Train: Kinmount Jct to Bancroft
1910 IB&O Leased By: Central Ontario Railway
1911 COR Acquired By: Canadian Northern Railway (CNoR)
1916 CNoR Controlled By: Government of Canada
1918 . Canadian National Railways
31 March 1960  Line Abandoned: Howland Jct - Central Ontario Railway (Last Train)
30 July 1960 Line Dismantled Howland Jct - Central Ontario Railway (except for part of line through Domtar Plant in Bancroft)
(For more information on the Irondale, Bancroft & Ottawa, click on Home and then select the section IB&O.) 
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Brockville, Westport & Northwestern
Date Chronology of Events
15 February 1871 Brockville & Westport Railway incorporated Act 34 Chapter 45 Statutes of Ontario (Lapsed).
25 March 1884 Brockville, Westport & Sault Ste Marie Railway (BW&SSM) incorporated Act 47 Chapter 63 Statutes of Ontario.
04 March 1888 First train from Westport to Brockville on BW&SSM 
December 1894 BW&SSM Placed in Receivership.
20 January 1903 Railway sold under Judicial Sale to New York Syndicate (End of BW&SSM)
24 October 1903 Brockville, Westport & Northwestern Railway (BW&NW) incorporated Act 3 Chapter 88 Statutes of Canada.
23 November 1903 New York Syndicate transfers ownership to BW&NW.
18 April 1906 New York Syndicate (except King) transfers control of BW&NW to Edward R. and Orlando Thomas of New York.
09 - 15 June 1910 Mackenzie, Mann & Co gain majority control of BW&NW shares and bonds.  Several bonds are still outstanding, preventing MM&Co from gaining a perfected title to the BW&NW.
14 December 1911 Railway sold at Judicial Sale to RP Ormsby (Secretary of CNoR) for $250,000 in BW&NW bonds.  The judicial sale perfects title to the property at the expense of the bondholders. 
10 July 1914 Ormsby formally transfers control of BW&NW to CNoR as a requirement of the Canadian Northern Railway Guarantee Act of 12 June 1914.
05 November 1916 Control of CNoR passes to Government of Canada
20 December 1918 CNoR amalgamated with Canadian National Railways (CNR)
1921 Line from Church St, Brockville to Lyn Junction abandoned.
1925 Line from Church St (Phillips Cables) to Lyn Junction dismantled.
18 June 1952 Board of Transport Commissioners Order #49236 gives approval to discontinue service effective 19 July 1952. At the request of G.T. Fulford, MP, this was extended to 30 August 1952.
30 August 1952 Last regular train operated. 
04 September 1952 Special train picked up all moveable equipment along the line.
06 October 1952 - Brockville & Westport dismantled Athens - Westport.
05 May - 
31 July 1953
Brockville & Westport dismantled from Lyn Junction to between Athens and Soperton.  The only thing that remains is the abandoned roadbed, a few bridges and culverts, and a couple of stations.
(For more information on the Brockville & Westport, click on Home and then select the section B&W.) 
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Bay of Quinte Railway (BQR)
21 Mar 1881 Incorporated As: Bay of Quinte Railway and Navigation Company (46 Victoria, Chapter 46)
29 Dec 1881 BQR&N Line Opened: Deseronto - Deseronto Jct (connecting with GTR 3.5 mi
24 Sept 1891 BQR&N Leased Kingston, Napanee & Western (KN&W)
21 May 1892 .Running Rights On GTR from Deseronto Jct - Napanee 4.5 mi (to connect with NT&Q)
01 Jan 1897 BQR&N Amalgamated With KN&W under name of BQR as per 59 Victoria, Chapter 15 of 23 April 1896
12 June 1903 BQR Line Opened Deseronto Westerly Extension 2mi
12 June 1903 . Deseronto - Napanee Direct Line (no longer requiring GTR running rights)
21 Dec 1903 Tweed - Bannockburn 20 mi (Jct with COR)
01 June 1910 BQR controlled by: Mackenzie, Mann & Co (CNoR)
20 June 1914 BQR shares acquired By: Canadian Northern Railway (CNoR)
08 June 1954 BQR merged into Canadian Northern Consolidated Railways
June 1956 CNCR amalgamated with Canadian National Railways
. Line Abandoned: .
. . .
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Kingston, Napanee & Western (KN&W)
15 May 1879 Incorporated As: Napanee, Tamworth & Quebec (NT&Q) 44 Victoria Chapter 67
14 Aug 1883 . Rathbuns gain control of NT&Q
04 Aug 1884 Line Opened: Napanee - Yarker
04 Aug 1884 . Yarker - Tamworth
09 Feb 1889 Running Rights Harrowsmith - Kingston over Kingston & Pembroke (agreement signed 31 Dec 1888)
01 Dec 1889 Line Opened Yarker - Harrowsmith 6.4 mi
01 Dec 1889 . Tamworth - Tweed
24 April 1890 NT&Q  Reorganized as: Kingston, Napanee & Western (KN&W)
24 Sept 1891 KN&W Leased to: BQR&N
02 Nov 1893 Line Opened: Harrowsmith - Sydenham 4.4mi
01 Jan 1897 KN&W Amalgamated with: BQR`&N under name of Bay of Quinte Railway (BQR)
. . .
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Carillon & Grenville Railway
24 June 1848 Incorporated As Carillon & Grenville Railway
October 1854 Line Opened Carillon to Grenville on the Ottawa River
1914 Acquired By: Canadian Northern Railway (CNoR)
. Line Abandoned: .
The Carillon & Grenville was one of those small railways built to transport cargo and passengers 12 3/4 miles around the Carillon Rapids on the lower Ottawa River.  
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CNoR 4-4-0 #54 at the CNoR Church Street Station, Brockville, Ont c 1915.  Note the Canadian Northern herald on the side of the cab.  Originally built in 1906 by Montreal Locomotive Works for the Brockville, Westport & Northwestern as their #67, it became Canadian National #124 in 1922 and was scrapped in August 1931.  Photo courtesy Brockville Museum. 
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