Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) in Southern Ontario

Canadian Pacific Railway
Date Chronology of Events
17February 1881 Canadian Pacific Railway Incorporated
21 March 1881 Ontario & Quebec Railway (O&Q) incorporated Statute 44 Chapter 44
09 June 1881 Canada Central Railway (CCR), Brockville to Mattawa, previously Brockville & Ottawa (B&O) amalgamated with CPR.  Branch lines from Carleton Place to Ottawa (LeBreton Flats) and Smiths Falls to Perth.
15 May 1882 CPR purchases the Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa & Occidental (QMO&O) Railway from the Province of Quebec.  The line links Quebec City to Montreal to Hull, Que.  It connected to the CCR at Ottawa via a bridge across the Ottawa River at LeBreton Flats
26 July 1883 Toronto, Grey & Bruce Railway (TG&B), Toronto to Owen Sound, leased to O&Q for 999 years
30 November 1883 Credit Valley (CVR), Toronto to Galt to Orangeville, and Galt to St Thomas, amalgamated with O&Q
04 January 1884 O&Q leased to CPR for 999 years
05 May 1884 O&Q links up with TG&B, CVR from Perth, Ont to Toronto via Tweed, Peterborough

Canada Central Railway
Date Chronology of Events
22 April 1853 Brockville & Ottawa Railway  (B&O) incorporated Statutes of the Province of Upper Canada Act 16 Chapter 106
29 November 1855 Grand Trunk Railway (GTR) opened Montreal - Brockville
17 February 1859 Line Opened Brockville - Smiths Falls
17 February 1859 - Smiths Falls - Perth Branch
22 August 1859 - Smiths Falls - Almonte
31 December 1860 - Brockville Tunnel Opened
06 December 1864 - Almonte - Arnprior
September 1865 - Arnprior - Sand Point
18 May 1861 Canada Central Railway (CCR) Incorporated Statutes of Upper Canada Act 24 Chapter 80
15 September 1870 CCR line opened Carleton Place (on B&O) to LeBreton Flats, Ottawa
31 May 1871 CCR and B&O controlled by Asa B. Foster
01 July 1872 CCR leases B&O line from Carleton Place to Sand Point.
04 December 1872 CCR line opened Sand Point - Renfrew
03 October 1876 - Renfrew - Pembroke
10 May 1878 CCR and B&O amalgamated under the name of Canada Central Railway (CCR) Statutes of Canada Act 41 Chapter 35
January 1879 Control of CCR sold to Duncan McIntyre and James Worthington, railway contractors from Montreal
February 1880 Worthington bankrupts and sells his interest in CCR to Duncan McIntyre in settlement of debts owed George Stephen and Richard B. Angus of the Bank of Montreal
24-25 April 1880 CCR converts from broad guage 5'6" to standard guage 4'8½" during Easter weekend
03 December 1880 CCR connects with Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa & Occidental (QMO&O) at LeBreton Flats, Ottawa
1881 Line opened Pembroke - Mattawa (all further construction to North Bay and Sudbury will be done under Canadian Pacific Railway)
06 June 1881 Amalgamated into Canadian Pacific Railway

Ontario & Quebec Railway

Toronto, Grey & Bruce Railway
Date Chronology of Events
1867 Toronto, Grey & Bruce Railway incorporated as a narrow guage railway of 3' 6" to build from Toronto to Orangeville and thence to Southampton on Georgian Bay.
2 G
1 L
1 C
1 C
3 C
0 C
0 C
1 C
2 C
0 C
1 L
26 July 1883 TG&B leased to Ontario &Quebec Railway for 999 years
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