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For further information, we present you with some links you might find interesting.  There are four types of sites - those dealing with Canadian railway history, those sites that can provide you with further information on Canada's or Eastern Ontario's history, those sites that I have found helpful for  technical knowledge on developing this site, and a listing of books on Canadian railway history.
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The history on our website has been developed with the help of a lot of people and the institutions they represent.  These links can help you in your research of Canadian history.
When I first started out on this endeavour, I didn't know anything about writing webpages, developing a website, preparing graphics, scanning and touching up photos.  These links will take you to some sites that can provide you with some insight, or even better, help you start your own website.
If you want some real interesting reading on the history of the railways of Canada, here's a list of books for any "fanatique ferroviare".
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