Archives and Other History Sites
National Archives of Canada - Fantastic!  You can order National Archive photos that you see on our website.  Just copy the PA number.  The most helpful group of people I have ever met.  If you need to do any research on Canadian history, visit the National Archives in Ottawa.  Try a bit of research online at  ArchiviaNet - talk about doing research at home!

Archives of Ontario - Yours to discover.  A good place to visit if you are researching the history of Ontario.  Another group of very helpful people.  Call or E-mail ahead so that they can get your information ready ahead of time. 

Brockville Museum, Brockville, Ont.  Located right on the waterfront, they have some of the most fascinating exhibits on early life in Eastern Ontario.  They don't have the same amount of staff as the big boys, but I've  discovered a lot of exciting finds here.  They welcome you with open arms in typical Brockville hospitality. 

Leeds & Grenville Genealogical Society, located in the Brockville Museum, has a treasure trove of historical information, genealogy records, and microfilm.  A more helpful group of volunteers you won't find.

I've had help from a lot of people who have shared their experiences with me.  To each and every one of you, thank you very much.
Before you go, thanx for visiting and come again.  Railway Bob.