Links to Technical Sites
Our website is hosted by  For real super efficient personal friendly service, you won't get a better ISP!  Offering a full suite of services, they're always ready to help you out with personal technical advice. 

Our webpages are created using Netscape Composer - as easy to use as your favourite word-processing software.  You don't have to know HTML to create fantastic pages.  And it's all free!! 

We use Paint Shop Pro for preparing our graphics and photos - the easiest, most versatile imaging software to use.  And very affordable. Our little Umax Astra 1220P scanner didn't cost a lot.  The secret is how you scan. is the source on how to get good scans. We use the free services of to add extra features to our website.  Click on the Bravenet badge to see what they can do for you. 

Before you go, thanx for visiting and come again.  Railway Bob