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Step 4 - Fabricate a Styrene Spacer to Place on Top of the Motor
It will be necessary to fabricate a styrene spacer. Locomotives with the green printed circuit board should already have a styrene spacer.  This spacer will be placed under the decoder so that the wires from the motor don't touch the decoder. 
  • Using the decoder as a pattern, trace the shape of the sides of the decoder onto a piece of sheet styrene. (It is not necessary to trace the ends of the decoder.)  Make sure that you have traced the two square holes in the decoder onto the styrene. Your pattern should be similar to Figure 1 below.
  • Draw a line in front of the two square square holes and cut out the spacer.  Do not cut the two square holes for the tabs.  Your spacer should look like Figure 2. 
  • The spacer will have to fit below the black plastic tabs on the motor mechanism.  To make the spacer fit, measure 1/8" on each side of the square holes.  Cut out the holes.  Your spacer should look like Figure 3. 
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