A Few Personal Pages on Model Railroading

Model Railroading is a very fascinating hobby.  As I've completed some of my projects, I've done a few webpages so that I don't forget how to do it.  These projects range from constructing modules for a model railroad layout, wiring the LocoNet on a DCC installation, installing decoders and lights, instructions for using a Digitrax DCC system.  Topics might be added from time to time.  Help yourself to the info.  Remember, if you use these instructions, you assume all liability. 
Atlas The Atlas 341 DMD decoder is a perfect fit for many Atlas and other locos with the snap-in light board.  Here's some instructions on how to install the decoder, complete with working headlights. 
Lights If your decoder is a PC board type and you want to go directly to the part on how to install the headlights, then click on the lights.
DT300 I use a Digitrax Empire Builder DB150 DCC set.  Here's some quick-start instructions to get you going.
What is DCC A very simple explanation of what is DCC.
Modules I do some "modular" railroading.  This is how I build my modules - simple, easy, and no fancy tools - not even a table saw.  We start right from cutting the wood (we don't!), drilling, glueing, painting, right up to installing the styrofoam deck.  Some quick and easy step-by-step instructions on how to build a module. 
Once you've got your module frame built, you'll need some legs.  We offer you the choice of two types of legs - wooden legs or ABS rigid plastic pipe legs. 
Legs This is how we make the traditional legs for the module using 2"x 2" lumber. 
ABS Here's some instructions on how to build a leg system for your modules using rigid plastic ABS pipe and standard fittings.
End-Plates If you're transporting your modules in your car, you can damage a lot of scenery.  Here's a little trick to put two modules together into a "boxed set" that protects that scenery and trackwork and makes the transportation real easy.  They're called End-Plates
Track Power Once the module is built, we need some some wiring.  Here's a quick view of how we install the track power  buss and get power to the tracks. 
RJ12s We use the Digitrax DCC system.  Here's where you can find out all about the LocoNet, what it does, what are the wiring standards, how to wire up and install RJ12 telco jacks into your module.
Layout A bit of philosophizing on a couple of my modules. 
AgIndustry Some photos I took on my way to work one morning.