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Detailed Drawings of the Module Frame
When I started thinking about building a module, I couldn't find any drawings of how they were constructed.  I used a lot of trial and error, even going to model railroad meets with my tape measure and measuring other persons' modules.  The building supply store loved me.  Eventually, I settled on this type of module design.  A few weeks ago, I asked Les Halmos (who is very handy with CAD software) to do some drawings for me based on my construction methods.
 You're welcome to use my techniques, subject to the disclaimers at the front of this article.   You might want to print off this page to get a closer look at the details. 

Those blocks of wood with the square holes in them are for an ABS rigid plastic pipe leg system I use.  If you using the standard 2"x 2" wood legs, you won't need these blocks. 
Now that we've got a better idea of what we're going to do, let's start to lay out the work.