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Assembling the Module Frame - Part 1: The End Plates and End Cross Members
If you used the "saw service" of your local building supply store, your boards have been cut square.  We're going to use this "squareness" to assemble our module frame.  The first step is to fasten the End Plates to the End Cross Members.  You don't need any fancy tools, clamps, squares or jigs to do this. 
  • Take five 1½" #6 Robertson screws and screw them into one of the End Plates so that they just come through the other side of the wood. 
  • Place the End Plate on edge on your working surface so that the piece marked "Top" is on your working surface. 
  • Place two pieces of  ¾" along the edge as shown in the photo below. 
  • Take an End Cross Member and smear some wood glue along the inside edge marked "In".
  • Place the glued End Cross Member on top of the two pieces of ¾" wood. 
  • Make sure that the two pieces of wood are oriented correctly - the Top of the End Plate is on your working surface, you're looking at the Bottom of the End Cross Member and it is In against the End Plate.
  • Move the End Cross Member so that the end is exactly flush with the end of the End Plate.  This is very important
  • Press down and in on the End Cross Member and screw in the wood screw at this end. 
  • Repeat the above step for the wood screw at the other end. 
  • Tighten all of the remaining wood screws so that the End Cross Member fits snugly into the End Plate. 
  • With a wet cloth, wipe off any excess glue before it dries.
  • Repeat the above steps for for the other End Cross Member and End plate.
This is what the assembly looks like:

We're now going to take these End Plate/End Cross Member assemblies and fasten them to the Front Piece and the Back Piece.