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Drilling Holes in the Legs
How you drill the holes in each end of the legs will depend on what tools you have available to do the job - or what tools your friends have.  The idea is to drill a hole in each end that is perpendicular to the top of the leg.  Given that this is a small surface (1½"x 1½") that's almost difficult to do.  A little bit of geometry tells us that, if we've cut our wood square, and if we drill the holes parallel to the length, then we'll automatically be perpendicular to the top of the length - almost. 
Here's my setup.  The leg is firmly placed on the floor and my drill is holding the leg firm.  I place a level on each side and move the leg until I've got it vertically level.  How you do this will depend on the tools you have. 

Actually, the above photo isn't the first step in the drilling process.  That drill is a 9/32" drill which is the 3rd drill that I've used in the drilling process. 
  • Start off with a 1/8" drill as a pilot hole and drill the top and bottom of all of the legs. 
  • Change to a 1/4" drill, level the legs and drill the top and bottom of all of the legs. 
  • Change the drill again to 9/32" and repeat the process. 
  • Change the drill to 3/8" and only drill the bottom of each leg. 
  • The hole in the top of the leg is only drilled to 9/32" so that we can screw the threaded bolts into the top of the leg and hold it in place with a bit of epoxy glue to make a nice tight fit. 

But before you do that, we have to make a "depth gauge" so that we only drill the holes as deep as we want.  Our threaded bolt is 2" long, the thickness of the wood is ¾" so we have to make sure we drill our holes only 1¼" deep (2"- ¾").  For my depth gauge, I like to wrap a piece of tape at the 1¼" mark on the drill.  To help us out, I've dug out that old T-nut Pull Down that we used to install the T-nuts, threaded the 2" bolt so that it just comes through the other side, cut off a piece of masking tape, and wrapped it around the drill at the top of the bolt.  

You can use other methods depending on the tools you have available to you.  Give some thought as to the approach you're going to use to drill those holes. 
Let's install the leg levellers and the threaded  bolts.  
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