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Preparing the Plastic Faceplate
This part can be dangerous to your health!  Exercise extreme caution! 
The face-plate on the RJ12 female throttle jack has a raised edge.  If we were to install this into the module, we'd cut into a lot of the width and depth of the edge of the module.  We might also weaken the module.  Our first step is to remove and trim this raised edge so that it fits flush into the module. 
  • If it's necessary to remove the female plugs from the jack, a good twist-and-pull will snap each plug out of the faceplate. 
  • To protect the surface of the faceplate from scratches, tape some masking tape over the front of the faceplate. 
  • We next trim the raised edges of the faceplate so that the jack assembly (faceplate and female plugs) are flush with the side of our module.  (Take a look at the photo below to get a better idea.)
    • Place the faceplate on a sturdy working surface so that you are looking at the underside. 
    • Use a very sharp and sturdy utility knife,  Cut the raised edges of the plastic faceplate.  The knife should easily slide down the raised edges. 
    • Don't try to cut the plastic in one stroke.  Follow the salami method and use repeated strokes.  Keep your fingers away from the knife blade!
  • There are two screwholes in the faceplate with some raised plastic lugs on the underside.  Take your favourite flat file and file off these plastic lugs. 
  • Push and snap the female plugs back into the faceplate. 
  • You should now have a jack assembly that looks like the one on the right side of the photo below. 
  • These aren't photos of two different female jacks!  These are "before" and "after" photos. 
Our photos show the process for a single-plug jack.  The process is the same for a double-plug jack. 
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