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Wiring a Single-Plug RJ12 Telco Jack
Oops, we don't have the photos for these pages, but we'll post them as soon as they're done. 

Step 3 - Preparing a Single-Plug Female Throttle Jack
I'll explain the next steps using a single-plug female RJ12 throttle jack.  (Steps for a double-plug female throttle jack follow.) 
  • Using a sharp utility knife, carefully knick and strip about 6 inches of the outer plastic casing from an 18" - 24" length of RJ12 flat cable. 
  • Trying to hold the cable in place while you strip and solder these 6 fragile wires is next to impossible.  To provide some stablity to the operation, , we're going to temporarily tape a small piece of scrap ¼" plywood that's about 1" wide and 3" - 4" long to the underside of the faceplate.  Next we tape the cable to the plywood so that it's flush with the top of the female plug. 

We're now ready to start fastening the wires under the screw lugs.
  • Using a BBQ lighter, melt the plastic coating off the white wire so that it will fit snug into the screw lug.  Don't use wire strippers as you'll snip some strands of wire. 
  • You've now exposed some very fragile wires.  Carefully twist the exposed copper strands on the white wire
  • Flux and tin the exposed wire so that you have a thick strand.  You'll notice how the soldering iron melts a bit more of the plastic and seals the wires into the plastic. 
  • While the copper strands are very fragile, notice how melting the plastic, rather than using wire-strippers, has added back some of the stability. 
  • You've now converted some fragile wires into a more stable wire - but it's still fragile!
  • Twist the tinned white wire around the screw lug on the jack, making sure the white wire is aligned with the white spade terminal.  There should be a little slot in the plastic base where the white spade terminal slides under the screw.  The white wire slides into this same slot. 
  • Tighten down the screw, making sure the white wire slides into the same slot as the white spade terminal.  If you don't keep the white wire aligned, you'll slice the wire in two when you tighten the screw. 
  • Snip any excess wire off with your wire cutters. 
  • Repeat the above process for the other 5 wires. 

Here's some photos of the above steps. 
Cable Stripped
Melting the Plastic
Wire Exposed
Wire Tinned
Wire Under Screw
The Completed Job
Testing for Continuity
Male Plug Crimped On

Before we install the single-plug throttle jack into the module, let's take a look at wiring a double-plug female throttle jack. 
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