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The Grand Trunk Railway

Chronology of Events
15 July 1853 Grand Trunk Railway (GTR) is incorporated
19 November 1855 Montreal to Brockville Section opened
25 August 1856 Oshawa to Toronto Section opened
27 October 1856 Oshawa to Brockville Section opened
12 December 1859 First train over the the GTR Victoria Railway Bridge spanning the St Lawrence River at Montreal
27 December 1859 Toronto to Sarnia Section opened
1860 Quebec City to Rivière du Loup Section opened
12 August 1882 Great Western Railway amalgamates with GTR
05 November 1919 Legislation passed for Government of Canada to take over GTR
21 May 1920 Operations of GTR taken over by Government of Canada and entrusted to Canadian National Railways
30 January 1923 GTR amalgamates with Canadian National Railways

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Canadian National 2-6-0 #904 (renumbered #82) was typical of the second-generation motive power used by the Grand Trunk Railway.  It was built in 1910 by Kingston Locomotive Works, Kingston, Ont as GTR #1002 as part of their program to replace the lighter 4-4-0's and 2-6-0's.  Under CNR, these 2-6-0's were used on small branch lines where the track was too light for heavier engines.  #904 is on a climb out of Brockville on the Brockville & Westport.  Date unknown.  Courtesy Brockville Museum.